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Note : Once we have qualified your needs and prepared a customised support solution for you, we will provide you with a list of some of our existing clients who have kindly agreed to be referees - we have nothing to hide and don't expect you to start working with us before having the opportunity to speak to some of our existing clients ( new and long standing) to discuss our services and to confirm that we do indeed deliver on our promises.

Please note : Clients have made references to ICU and ICU Group - IT Support North West is a trading style of ICU Group Limited.

"We became aware of IT Support North West (ICU Group) through several of our clients who were already looked after by them.

The team from ICU were able to quickly identify and advise us of the weaknesses within our servers and PC's.

It was a real eye opener to realise how we had been let down by our previous computer company. It materialised that our backups hadn't worked for several months even though they had assured us we were adequately covered. To add insult to injury, the servers they sold to us were only really fit for desktop use. It turns out that we'd been sold desktop computers at the same price we could have purchased a powerful server from Dell for, which would have included 3 years of warranty too. We felt like we had really been let down and were very hesitant about how we moved forward.

ICU Group were happy to work with our existing equipment and to rectify several fundamental problems on our network, which provided immediate improvements to our daily operations. The Internet became useable again and my staff no longer complained to me every day that their PC's were too slow to use. We will be purchasing a new server from Dell within the next 12 months. ICU will be advising us which server to buy from Dell and have even put us in contact with their account manager at Dell to provide us with additional savings. I would have no hesitation in recommending IT Support NW to anybody. They have looked after us now for 3 years and have always delivered on their promises. What a difference it makes to have someone respond promptly and professionally every time without trying to sell us something each time !"

"We have been dealing with ICU Group for six years now and are continually impressed with their high levels of support, service and invaluable knowledge when it comes to the smooth running of our IT network. Their committed pro- active approach is second to none and we would recommend them to anyone looking for peace of mind when it comes to IT."
"Working with ICU Group has marked a significant turning point in our business. I have the confidence that we have constant and consistent IT Support cover in place for an very reasonable fee."
"ICU Group were introduced to our company at a time when our business was undergoing some rapid changes. They assisted us with this period of growth by providing sound and practical advice as well as high quality IT Support. Not only are ICU Group knowledgeable professionals in their field, but also a joy to work with, turning what can be a very complex procedure into an understandable solution."
"As someone not particularly technologically minded, I find all of the staff at ICU Group happy to explain things in simple terms which I can understand and would happily recommend their services."

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